...but then I went to Pathways. They taught me to love myself and that I was worth saving. The counselors really cared about me and didn't judge me. They saved my life and showed me life can be a happy place and that I deserve to be happy...​


Pathways would like to connect with more landlords so we can continue to offer assistance to Pathways graduates as they continue their recovery and begin rebuilding their life in the community. Pathways would lease the property and be responsible for the rent and maintenance. If you or anyone you know would like more information, please contact us at (920) 894-1374.    

If you are a landlord, or someone replacing their furniture, and would like to be part of the solution, please contact us.  


Pathways is looking for area employers willing to assist our graduates find employment opportunities in various industries and various positions. 

This is a win/win situation for everyone.

Transitioning to sobriety

Pathways Sober Living program gives people in recovery an opportunity to live independently in a supportive, non-judgmental home with other people in recovery. Our Sober Living homes have a house manager who provides guidance to all guests and ensures that rules are being followed.

The following rules are necessary for the safety and success of all guests of our Sober Living program.
1. No drugs, alcohol, violence, or overnight guests
2. Active participation in recovery meetings
3. Random drug & alcohol tests
4. On-time guest fee payments
5. Involvement in either work, school, or an outpatient program

Each guest signs an agreement upon admission to our Sober Living program which outline the above basic rules as well as a few other important requirements for successful living.

Application Process

To be considered for our Sober Living program, you must follow the steps listed below:

  1. Complete the Screening and Referral Questionnaire. Select Sober Living, for the services requested. 
  2. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to review.  
  3. If you have any additional questions about Sober Living or your application, please call 920-894-1374. 

​Important Documents

CALL US  920-894-1374

Sober Living