Application Process

Admission to an addiction detoxification center like Pathways can be stressful. However, it may be the only way to find freedom from the hold of alcohol and drug addiction. At Pathways, we try to help all clients feel welcome throughout their time at our facility, from their initial admission to their newfound freedom at discharge. 

Clients must go through the following process prior to the time of Admission:

  1. Eligibility Screen – Client must call Pathways office for an initial assessment and eligibility screening. Client should have their insurance cards ready and/or any additional funding source information. Pathways Intake Coordinator will then obtain some basic demographic information, a brief medical, legal, and substance abuse history, and medication list.
  2. Scheduled Intake Date – Pathways Intake Coordinator will then pass this information on to the Medical Director and Director of Nursing for approval. If approved, Pathways will then call the client to set up an intake date and explain the next step in the process. At this time, clients must obtain a physician signed medication order for all prescriptions and have it faxed to Pathways at 920-894-1373.
  3. Medical Screening and Exam – The new client must be medically cleared at a hospital between the hours of 6am and 2pm. (See Pathways Clearance Form) Sometimes we learn at this point that detoxification services are needed at the hospital and those arrangements are worked out with the client and, when needed, the family/representative. Once medically cleared from the hospital, the client MUST REMAIN SUPERVISED at the hospital until Pathways transport arrives to transport them from the hospital directly to Pathways Detox Center. (If client is a smoker, the Transport driver will allow the client a few minutes to have a cigarette before admitting to Detox.)

Clients go through the following process at the time of Admission:

  1. Greetings – Pathways hours of admittance to our Detoxification program are 9:00am to 5:00pm.  Admission times are set by appointment only.  Upon arrival, clients are greeted by staff. A private meeting is then held with the new client to answer any questions and further prepare them for their experience at Pathways. 
  2. Paperwork – Staff will then assist the client in completing all necessary paperwork. Payment information is reviewed and money is collected, as needed, at this time. 
  3. Room Assignment and Assessments – Staff will assign a room and let the client get settled in. Medical and Clinical staff will then meet with the client to do assessments and develop an individualized care plan. 

​Important Documents

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Residential Detox

You are not alone

Pathways Detoxification Center is a sub-acute 12 bed residential facility staffed by highly trained professionals and is the first step in the road to recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. Residents are medically monitored by a Registered Nurse (RN), who is supervised by a Board Certified Physician MD. Licensed substance abuse and mental health counselors are available to meet individually with each resident to assist in determining the level of recommended treatment and assist with placement into treatment programs within the community. Pathways Detox provides services to multiple counties through both voluntary and involuntary placements and operates twenty-four hours per day 365 days per year.

...but then I went to Pathways. They taught me to love myself and that I was worth saving. The counselors really cared about me and didn't judge me.  They saved my life and showed me life can be a happy place and that I deserve to be happy...​