We are committed to assisting residents and their families with the development of strategies to maintain a healthier lifestyle, self-actualization, and restoration of the whole person within a trauma informed environment.

Providing hope and individualized care

Pathways to a Better Life offers a 16 bed, co-ed, dual diagnosis, residential treatment center which is located in the rural part of Kiel, Wisconsin, on 38 beautiful, serene wooded acres. It is surrounded by four counties which include Manitowoc, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, and Calumet. Pathways also offers dual diagnosis residential treatment at it's 12 bed residential detoxification facility in Waldo, Wisconsin. Individuals are able to detox and continue their treatment in one supportive setting. Pathways strives to provide hope as well as individualized care without judgment to those adults recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. 

Pathways goal is to provide a comfortable, family atmosphere in a peaceful therapeutic setting. Pathways is dual diagnosis facility that specializes in treating addiction with mental illness. Residents physical, mental, and spiritual needs are met through our clinical program, where we provide the tools and guidance needed to journey on a safe path.  We believe in treating the whole person and offer our residents opportunities to engage in services that reflect our compassion, understanding and treatment. Individualized resident counseling will focus on an average 60 day treatment plan which is reviewed by our clinical team of substance abuse and mental health counselors on a weekly basis. We also offer guidance and solutions to sometimes very complex challenges in a safe and comfortable setting.  

Families are an integral part of the healing process.  We encourage family members to attend our Family Group Sessions held on every Saturday, which includes our Family Alumni group once a month.  Each family group provides an opportunity to increase support, provide experiences, and education in order to maintain the personal connections needed with this complicated disease. Each resident and their family is treated with dignity, respect, and privacy by all staff and fellow residents.
Pathways to a Better Life, LLC is certified through the State of Wisconsin, DHS 75 and DHS 83.  


Admission Process

Admission to an addiction rehabilitation center like Pathways can be stressful. However, it may be the only way to find freedom from the hold of alcohol and drug addiction. At Pathways, we try to help all clients feel welcome throughout their time at our facility, from their initial admission to their newfound freedom at discharge. 

Clients go through the following process prior to the time of Admission:

  1. Medical Screening and Exam – The new client must be medically cleared. (See Physician's Letter below) Sometimes we learn at this point that detoxification services are needed at the hospital and those arrangements are worked out with the client and, when need to be, the family/representative. Clients must obtain a physician signed medication order for all prescriptions and over the counter medications. 

Clients go through the following process at the time of Admission:

  1. Greetings, Payments and Farewells – Pathways hours of admittance to our residential program are 9:00am to 1pm Tuesday thru Thursday. We may however, allow a late admission if approved by the Administrator. Admission times are set by appointment only. We ask that clients coming to Pathways do not drive themselves, but rather are transported by family or friends. Upon arrival, clients are greeted by staff. A private meeting is then held with the new client to answer any questions, identify any withdrawal symptoms and further prepare them for their experience at Pathways. Payment information is reviewed and money is collected. We then give all necessary information to the client's family members/friends, including how to contact their loved one during rehabilitation, family visitation information, and details about Pathway's Family Group program. Once all this information has been provided and questions have been answered, you will then have a chance to say your farewells to your family/friends.

  2. Paperwork, Books and Drug Test – Staff will then assist the client in completing all necessary paperwork. Workbooks and other literature are handed out. A urine drug test is administered at some point during the day of admission.

  3. Room and "Buddy" Assignment – All client belongings are then searched and a room is assigned within the Pathways facility. There are two clients per bedroom. A "buddy" – an individual who is further along in treatment and can assist the new client becoming comfortable in the first days of recovery – is also assigned and introduced to the new client.

Important Documents

Graphic content. This video depicts the dark  world of addiction and the path to recovery. Viewer discretion advised.

...but then I went to Pathways. They taught me to love myself and that I was worth saving. The counselors really cared about me and didn't judge me. They saved my life and showed me life can be a happy place and that I deserve to be happy...

Transitional Residential Treatment

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