​​​​​Jeff Janikowski, CSAC

Substance Abuse Counselor

Jeff is a Substance Abuse Counselor. He has been driven to work in Pathways beautiful, spiritual surroundings since it's inception in 2015. He is currently finishing up a Bachelors degree at Silver lake College majoring in psychology and a social work training certificate. He also helps facilitate the family program on Saturdays.

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

​​​Susan Beattie


Susan raised her 6 children in the same community that she grew up, and has always had a passion to help others.   Susan worked as an Investment Representative in the family business, Belke Financial in New Holstein, where she assisted many people with fulfilling their financial dreams and needs.  In January 2012, she became very ill and was forced to look for another purpose for her life.  Even though Susan is still affected from her illness, she knew she could employ and bring together those needed to provide the treatment services missing in our community.  Susan founded Pathways To A Better Life due to her experiences with her daughter and granddaughter and chose to devote her life to educating about the disease of addiction, and provide services to those that want it.

“It is no small comfort to me to know that God has called me to my work, putting me where I am and as I am. I have not sought the position, and I dare not leave it. He knows why He places me here – whether to do, or learn, or suffer.” ― James Hudson Taylor

​​​Stacy Albrecht, RN

Director of Nursing

Stacy has over 22 years of experience working with a multitude of different patients and families in direct patient care settings.  Starting as a CNA in a nursing home and wanting to be able to help people more encouraged Stacy to become a Registered Nurse and start a 13 year, life-changing career taking care of acutely-ill hospitalized patients with a wide variety of diagnoses, including addictions.  A life-long resident of the Lakeshore, Stacy is very excited to start this new chapter of her nursing career and to be able to help people and save lives in a different way, as the disease of addiction is as severe and lethal as cancer, and the need for awareness, education, and resources for recovery is huge. 

“I’ve been in Healthcare my entire life; it’s the only career I can ever imagine having; taking care of, educating, and helping people is what I know and love, and to be a part of Pathways and be able to give back and help the community in this aspect is very rewarding and humbling.”

​​​​​Andrew Jacobchick, SAC-IT

Substance Abuse Counselor

Andrew graduated from Lakeland University with a Bachelors degree in psychology in June of 2017, and is currently completing his Master's degree in Community Counseling.  He received his SAC-IT in October of 2017 and specializes in helping people with Eating Disorders and Alcohol and Substance Abuse disorders.   Andrew has experience in helping individuals with mental disabilities learn every day tasks to improve their quality of life. 

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." - William James (1842-1910)​​

Administrative Manager - Position Open

Behavior Health /Substance Abuse Counselor - Position Open

​​​​Greg Obermeier, CSAC, CS-IT

Substance Abuse Counselor

Greg is a Licensed Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor. Greg’s professional experience includes working with adults and adolescents who have substance use disorders in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  Greg is a client-centered clinician, who is known for his excellent rapport building skills, and his warmth and caring nature with clients. He works with clients from a strength-based and affirming perspective. Greg is creative and skilled in making individual and group sessions informative, relevant and challenging while ensuring that the client feels supported and cared for. 

“I believe each client’s dignity must be primary in the treatment process. Addiction produces behaviors that conflict with the client’s core values – as well as those of their family and society. Identifying, honoring and living true to those core values enhance healing and make recovery from addiction much more likely.”

​​​​Connie Wordell, CSAC

Substance Above Counselor

I grew up learning about addiction because I had relatives and family members that drank.   Addiction is a family disease.  I felt the hurt families affected by addiction feel.  I heard the stories many recovering addicts shared and went back to school in my 40s.  I graduated with an AODA Associates Degree from Fox Valley Technical College, and a Psychology and Family Studies Degree from Silver Lake College.  I've worked at ARO Counseling at Waukesha Huber Jail, a methadone clinic working with heroin addicts, and Taycheedah Women's Prison, prior to joining Pathways To A Better Life.  

​​​​​Cathy Forbes, SAC

Substance Abuse Counselor

Cathy started her career in Operations Management in the mortgage/banking business.  Due to the economy and failing housing industry, she decided to go after her true passion and that is helping people with their addiction.  She has been a Substance Abuse Counselor since who is currently furthering her education in the mental health field as she sees the importance of treating the whole person. 

"As we work to create a light for others, we naturally light our own way." - Mary Anne Radmacher 

An experienced and dedicated staff

At Pathways to a Better Life, we recognize the diverse populations that struggle with addiction. Our qualified staff not only treat the addiction, but also address mental health issues in a trauma-informed environment. We believe in treating the whole person and offer our residents opportunities to engage in services that reflect our compassion, understanding and treatment. We willingly work with mental health providers to stabilize dual diagnosis residents.

We are a collaborative program and extend that collaboration beyond the provider-resident relationship. We strongly support connecting with community providers to offer full, continuity of care, upon discharge.

​​​​​​Michelle Monroe, SAC-IT

Substance Abuse Counselor

​Michelle is a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor since December of 2017.  She graduated from Moraine Park's Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counseling program in May 2018, and began her career with Pathways in June 2018.  She uses her own life experience, struggles, and triumphs to help others discover their own paths to a fulfilling and meaningful life.  Her approach to counseling comes from the fact that, as humans, we each come with so many unique parts - different perspectives, natural talents, physical capabilities, intellect, and personalities.  These different pieces prove to be challenging aspects to work through when we run into struggles or hard times in our lives, because no single answer or process of healing will work for everyone.  She adopted a humanistic approach integrated with cognitive behavioral, existentialism, choice theory, and reality-based therapies.  

"We are all doing the best that we can based on our current level of awareness, my goal is to help individuals expand that awareness and reach a deeper understanding of themselves."

​​​​Renee Beckmann

General Manager

Renee has been a part of Pathways since before it even opened in 2015.   She has been a Peer Support Specialist, Administrative Assistant, and Activity Director prior to accepting the General Manager position.  Renee earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Communication and a Bachelor Degree of Science in Business Administration. She has spent over half her lifetime managing business in one form or another and enjoys the fact that this position is primarily one of providing what people need - whether it be something for a resident or something for the community, she is devoted to helping make life easier for someone. 

Renee grew up and still lives in this community.  She is married with three grown kids and several pets.  Music and arts are a big part of her family.  

“You make a difference every time you’re thoughtful, helpful, cooperative, generous, compassionate, or kind. The same is true every time you are a good listener or when you offer your forgiveness. Even a simple smile can make a world of difference.” – Richard Carlson

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Our Staff

...but then I went to Pathways. They taught me to love myself and that I was worth saving. The counselors really cared about me and didn't judge me. They saved my life and showed me life can be a happy place and that I deserve to be happy...​

​​​​​Mike Slavin, CSAC, ICS

Clinical Director / Supervisor

Mike has worked for years in residential treatment as Clinical Supervisor at Ministry Behavioral Health Residential before making the decision to move to Pathways. His job here is Clinical Director – working with counselors and ensuring the best patient care possible. He has helped to develop many AODA counselors, and also developed and taught beginning supervision classes.

Mike has spent a lot of his time volunteering in community projects dealing with addiction. One of his passions is helping people in jail because of addiction. He has been going into Portage County Jail most Weds. nights for 15 years.  He truly has devoted most of his adult life to recovery and treatment in one form or another, 

 His real passion is to help people change their lives, not to just quit using. His philosophy of recovery is summed up in two sayings, "Recovery is for those who want it – not for those who need it" and "real recovery starts after you stop using."

​​​Dr. Steve Staehling, MD, FAAFP

Medical Director

Dr. Staehling is currently Medical Director at Pathways.  He received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Beloit College and his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin Medical School.  He has been practicing Family Medicine in Plymouth, Wisconsin since 1999.  In 2008 he integrated Addiction Medicine into his practice providing medication assisted treatment for chemical dependency, particularly opioid dependency.

Dr. Staehling has a strong interest in the variable effect of biological factors (genetic, biochemical), psychological factors (behavior, personality, mood) and social factors (cultural, familial) on the treatment of medical problems.  Treatment of addiction requires appreciation and attention to all of these factors in order to achieve good outcomes.

“Practicing Addiction Medicine has provided me the opportunity to help people who are struggling find true happiness and meaning in life.”